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Margarine Golden Gate – Michca Inc is committed to providing products our clients can depend on to deliver consistent success in the kitchen

We continue to attract a solid base of satisfied customers by offering superior-quality margarines – and we’re proud of it. Known for their great taste and consistent texture, our canola or soya margarines are easy to use in a variety of recipes, and they come in a range of innovative sizes.

We manufacture both national and control-label brands distributed throughout Canada and on-going acquisitions have resulted in a stronger company presence in all market sectors.

Mirage Soft Margarine

Delicious all purpose soya oil margarine.

Easy to use, this high-quality margarine is a smart choice for those looking for consistent results with meal preparation.  A kosher dairy product.

Size: pail 13 kg, refill cube 13 kg, pail 10 kg, tray 4/4 kg.
Containers are reusable and stackable for easy storage.

Crystal 0 Trans Fat Margarine

Ideal for foodservice establishments using 0 Trans Fat products, this all-purpose margarine is made from a blend of canola and vegetable oils.

Crystal’s great taste is perfect for baking, food preparation and pastries. Low in saturated fat, Crystal 0 Trans Fat Margarine is both a source of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and an excellent source of vitamin D.

Size: pail 13 kg, refill cube 13 kg, pail 10 kg, tray 4/4 kg.

GoldenGate Margarine